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Wintertime Gardening Part III: Creating the Perfect Indoor Space

Gardening indoors can quickly take up space, giving us yet another reason not to extend our growing season during the winter months. But you don’t have to turn your kitchen into an overgrown jungle to grow a few herbs, or even a larger-scale salad garden. Whether you decide to start small or go all in, you can use these techniques to enjoy a spacious, abundant garden, inside. Find a system that works for you and your space. You’ll need to maximize your space and find the best setup for your plants to thrive, AND for you to enjoy functional space. One of the most effective ways to use your space is to go vertical. Vertical Container Gardening Container gardening can be perfect for inside. The

Wintertime Gardening Part 2: Indoor Composting

Composting is an easy garden related activity that you can do in your home over the winter. It's a simple, natural way to replace the nutrients your plants are leaching from the soil. By the time spring comes around, you'll have some nutrient dense compost to boost the growth and health of your garden. Let's dig in! Four Items make rich dark compost: Carbon organic material (browns) Nitrogen organic material (greens) Water Oxygen Indoor Composting If a large outdoor composting system is not for you, try this easy little kitchen scraps bucket! There is a lot of talk about the expense of pre-made indoor composting systems and how if you don’t have a large quantity, a small homemade bucket woul

Many Small Acts, Big Change: The Story of Wyoming Food for Thought Project

We're approaching our 5 year anniversary and thought it was the perfect time to recap the conception and growth of Food for Thought. Hope you enjoy! Wyoming Food for Thought Project was started in 2012 by two visionary women, Jamie Purcell and Kim Summerall-Wright, who saw a need for a direct response to holes in the hunger safety net of our community, especially concerning childhood hunger. Our organization began with providing weekend food bags for children during the school year. It was an intentional program that was locally sourced, run, and supported. We continue to strive towards this original purpose. This means that many, many hands are involved in our work, making what we do more

Wintertime Gardening Part I: 5 Easiest Edible Plants to Grow Indoors

One of the challenges of living in a dry, continental climate like the one here in Wyoming is surviving the long winter months. Getting outside can be a challenge and for those that enjoy gardening, the time between fall and spring can feel like an eternity. But there’s good news! You can grow many vegetables, fruits, and herbs indoors, even if you have a small home or apartment. We’ve put together a short list of easy edible plants that you can grow indoors with some resources to help you begin your wintertime gardening journey. Photo credit: A Cultivated Nest, "Growing Carrots in Containers" by Manuela Williams Carrots - Carrots are easy to grow inside with a deep container. You can start

October Item of the Month

Wyoming Food for Thought Project provides a year-round weekend food bag program - just because kids are now out of school, doesn't mean hunger ends. That is why we are promoting a monthly suggested food item to collect, to help with acquiring more bulk amounts of essential items we need. We do, however, accept and greatly appreciate any and all donations that come through the door, and can assure you that your donation will be used locally. October's Item of the Month is Cereal! Donations can be dropped at any of our Drop Site locations, including: - Great Harvest Bread Co. - Eastside WAC - Reliant FCU - Mary Ann's Beans - Casper College Library - Aspen Ridge Dental - Petuniaz - Food for Tho

Weekly Round-Up 10/6/17

What's Happening at Wyoming Food for Thought Project: Seed to Plate Workshop Series: Garden TLC 1 Join us October 7th from 10 am to noon for a Garden TLC workshop! Maintain the beauty and growth of your garden through pruning, weeding, composting, and natural pest control techniques. Your tender sprouts will love you back! For more information, visit our Facebook event page. Get your hands dirty! - Garden Work Day Join Wyoming Food for Thought Project this Saturday, October 7 from 9 am till 3 pm as we put the garden to bed for the winter! We will be working in our gardens at James Reeb Park, adjacent to our program center at 900 Saint John in North Casper. A garden is never dormant - there

The Many Benefits of Garden Education for Young Children

What do children gain from being in a garden or greenhouse? What do they learn? Is it really beneficial? These are just some of the questions that educators and families ask when deciding to implement a garden into the learning environment. Is it really necessary? Do children need to learn where their food comes from? Do they need to learn about the many areas of garden education and how they are connected to the health of the earth? Let’s explore. From infancy to adulthood we are all growing in the areas of human development. Teachers, schools and parents spend their time in classrooms guiding children’s growth in the areas of social, cognitive, physical, emotional, and moral development. H

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