Community Partnerships

We meet our community where it's at.

Wyoming Food for Thought Project is built on community. Volunteers and community partnerships are the heartbeat of our work here. We know that the work of changing the system for good requires bringing a variety of people together around a common cause. Community provides meaning, connection, and solutions.


We value working together creatively with businesses around the community. Here are a few of our current and most recent projects:

Casper Mountain
Gin Project

In 2016 we combined local efforts with Backwards Distilling Co. to source local herbs and garnishes for Backwards' cocktails. Since then, this partnership has steadily continued to grow and prosper, to the point where we cultivated the idea of bringing a limited edition Casper Gin to you, from mountain to bottle.

We foraged high and low for the highest-quality products we could find, and let us be the first to tell you that beautiful Casper Mountain delivered! From juniper berries to rose hips, currants and licorice root, this gin is guaranteed to remind you of the 307 we love and call home. 

Hat Six 

Our partnership with Hat Six Travel Plaza is driven by our goal to support up-and-coming local food producers and entrepreneurs by increasing opportunities for upward mobility.

This partnership makes it possible to market and sell Food for Thought products as well as products from users of our commercial kitchen.

Great Harvest

Since 2013 Great Harvest has donated their day old bread to Food for Thought. We then use this bread in a variety ways: store it in our free food pantry, include it with our weekend food bags, or use it to bake croutons and granola to feed the community in other creative ways.

Skull Tree Brewing

We collaborated with Skull Tree Brewing in 2020 to bring Casperites a locally produced beer. Brew For Thought is an American Red Ale grown with Cascade Hops grown on our urban farm at our program center. You can grab your own pint or two at Skull Tree Brewing, which is currently serving it on tap. We hope you enjoy! While you're sipping, take a look at our Brew For Thought video.


Partners and sponsors are in integral part of our existence and sustainability. Without the help of local businesses and individuals dedicated to making a difference to children in need within our community, we would not be where we are today. YOU, members of our community, make the difference.

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