Food Bag

Since we began in 2012, Food for Thought has been delivering food bags each week to provide children with three meals for each day they're out of school.

1.8 million

food bags delivered since 2013

We deliver 8400 meals per week to children in need in the community.

Our Weekend Food Bag Program is a year-round program established to provide children in need with kid-friendly breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals (in addition to various snacks) for every day the children are out of school. This includes the normal two-day weekend, as well as extended holiday breaks such as Christmas Break, Thanksgiving, and Spring Break.


When WYFFTP began in 2012, we were delivering food bags to less than 200 children in the community. Now we are serving 1,000 local children weekly.


How You

Can Help

Take action today! Host a fundraiser or food drive, pack food bags with us, be a school delivery driver, volunteer or donate. Kids shouldn't have to worry about where their next meal will come from. Let them be kids.


Donate Food

Donate food or host a food drive to help us ensure we have enough food each week to deliver.


Over 1000 bags are filled weekly to provide children with breakfast, lunch and dinner items on weekends, holidays, and during the summer. The goal is to make these bags as healthy as we can, because kids need nutrients for normal growth and development, a strong immune system, energy, optimal brain function and a healthy body weight. Help us with our goal and donate healthy food today!

Help Us Pack

Every week we rely on a handful of volunteers to help us prepare and pack 1200 bags of food that go out to children in the community. We pack bags every Wednesday from about 3:00-4:00 PM. Want to help and feel involved in the community in a meaningful way? Anyone is welcome.



a Kid

The cost to feed a child in need is $5 per weekend, $25 per month, or $300 a year. Sign up now to sponsor a kid in Casper and ensure they have enough food to eat every day.


a School Advocate

We are very proud to help over 1200 children a week throughout Natrona County with Food for Thought Food Bags. However, it’s estimated that there are over 3,000 children in Natrona County that are on Free/Reduced Lunch. We need advocates to identify more children throughout each and every school. Anyone can be an advocate, and there can certainly be more than one. To end childhood hunger, we need to come together as a team, to understand this epidemic is real, but that it can also be conquered.


School advocates help to:

  • Confidentially identify children in need

  • Spread the word, get everyone involved

  • Relay number of bags needed for your school

  • Acquire testimonials from teachers, parents and children

Become a Delivery Driver

The last piece to ensure children get their Food for Thought Food Bags for the weekend is coordinating delivery drivers to deliver bags to schools around Casper. We confidentially receive how many bags each school needs from our school advocates, then setup delivery to each one by no later than Friday at Noon. If you have an open morning, a lunch hour, or time between classes, you can make a difference! Why not invite a friend to help? We always recommend the Buddy System.


Delivery drivers need:

  • A clean driving record

  • A spacious vehicle (sometimes you will deliver 10 totes of food bags to one school!)

  • Must be able to lift at least 30lbs

  • Need to bring empty totes back to office

Join the

Food Bag Committee

Wyoming Food for Thought Project has formed a Food Bag Committee to help with the behind-the-scenes tasks of our weekend food bag program, including sourcing bulk food items, creating the weekly menu, making a weekly kid-friendly newsletter to send with the food bags, and much, much more.

​If you are interested in joining our Food Bag Committee, contact us through the link below. There are no requirements to be a part of this committee, and commitments are dependent on your availability!