Free Store

Wyoming Food for Thought Project's newest project, our first Free Store, will open its doors for our Grand Opening this Saturday, August 11, from 2:00-5:00pm at the old Roosevelt High School in north Casper, 140 East K Street.

The concept is not new, but it is new to Casper. While there are church closets available to those in need, there as yet is no place open to everyone, no questions asked.

The Free Store is here for everyone. 

Free Store director, Laura Gamble, has been the lead organizer of the store by gathering donations and organizing the store. Scroll down to learn more and see how you can get involved.


Our hours are dependent upon volunteers. At this time, we do not have a schedule established for the Free Store, but check back soon!

However, once we do get into a rhythm with the Free Store, we will also be scheduling appointments outside of regular store hours. Check back again soon for more details. 


Reliable volunteers are wanted to help with pickups, restocking, maintenance and management of the Free Store. We can work around almost any schedule - the more volunteers we have to help with this project, the more we can open the store!

If you are interested in volunteering at the Free Store, click the link below, or give us a call today at 307.337.1703.


All items must not weigh more than what one person can carry into the store by themselves. Donors may not, under any circumstance, leave items outside the front door or inside the hallway next to the Free Store during hours that we are closed - donations are welcome anytime the Free Store is open.

  • Books

  • Music (records and CDs)

  • Small appliances (in working order)

  • Artwork, knick-knacks, and other types of home decor

  • Small pieces of furniture; rugs, lamps

  • Toys (with all the pieces, in good condition)

  • Tools and tool boxes

  • Jewelry

  • Electronic Equipment (in working order)

  • Kitchen items (except knives)

  • Small baby items; slings, small strollers, pumps, etc.)

  • Craft items

  • Office supplies

We reserve the right to reject things from the store due to space limits or any other reason the volunteer deems reasonable. If things are brought in dirty or broken, we really can't accept them at the Free Store. We will not accept anything that smells of cigarette smoke due to the environmental hazard third-hand smoke creates. Thanks for understanding this.

We cannot accept:

  • Car seats

  • Mattresses or bedding of any kind

  • Chemicals or cleaners

  • Un-used paint or solvents

  • Toner or ink cartidges

  • Any hazardous waste of any kind

  • Weapons

  • Pets

To make an online donation in support of our Free Store, click the link below.

Free Store Partners

The Free Store wouldn't be a reality without the partnerships we have formed with these amazing people and organizations throughout our community. We want to thank each and every one of you for your contributions and helping us to turn this idea into a reality for our community.