Community Gardens

Wyoming Food for Thought Project offers a variety of different garden types at our Urban Farm, and throughout the Casper community. Many of our gardens are a part of a Food is Free Project, where we simply plant gardens and people can pick the produce from them for free, no questions asked. The other garden type is a community garden space where people can rent a garden plot from us for just $10 a summer. Both of these garden types are great contributors to our community, in that they provide anyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, with healthy, locally grown produce. People who rent a bed get the firsthand experience of watching their food grow from seed, and gain a sense of self-sustainability. 

For more information on our different community gardens, scroll down and click the links below.

Rent a Garden Plot
Rent a Plot

Garden plots are available for rent starting in May of each year at Lifesteps Campus. By renting a bed for just $10 a summer, you can seasonally plan and maintain your own 4'x8' garden, for all of your family's needs. The beds are amended at the beginning of the growing season, seeds are available from our free Seed Library, and hoses are accessible for hand-watering your garden plot.

Be sure to stay up to date on when plots become available, by following us on Facebook.


Rent a Garden Plot
Purchase a Raised Bed

Wyoming Food for Thought Project is now selling 4x8' raised beds! For just $175, we will deliver and install your raised bed, fill it with compost, and provide plants and/or seeds. This set up does not include a drip system, but this upgrade is available.

To inquire about or to purchase a  Food for Thought raised bed, click the button below to Contact Us now.


FGriends of Dallason Park Community Garden
Food is Free Gardens 

Wyoming Food for Thought Project currently manages three Food is Free garden areas in Casper. According to the Food is Free Project website, "The Food is Free Project grows community and food, while helping gain independence from a broken agricultural system." Help us today, by advocating and helping us acquire more space and parks for more Food is Free gardens, or plant your own! Our current Food is Free locations include:

  • James Reeb Park in north Casper (our Program Center)

  • Dallason Park on the corner of Melrose and Burlington

  • 10th and Cedar St.

FGriends of Dallason Park Community Garden
Private Community Gardens

Wyoming Food for Thought Project works with different businesses and organizations throughout Casper to get them set up with their own private community garden spaces for use from their customers or residents.

They are a great example of how we partner with others in our community to provide access to locally grown produce, and that together, we can break down barriers to access and eradicate hunger once and for all.

To see some examples of the projects we have worked on in the past, click the link below. If you are interested in getting set up with your own personal community garden, reach out to us today.

Food for Thought High Tunnel
High Tunnel

Wyoming Food for Thought Project was approved for a grant through the USDA office in 2016 for our first high tunnel at our Urban Farm. With the help of many awesome volunteers, the high tunnel was built and completed on August 12th.

Not only did we get this high tunnel to extend the growing season (if not produce year-round), but we also want to use it as an educational tool through our garden curriculum and workshops to teach people how to grow their own food. Contact us for more information.