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Food for Thought Markets

The Food for Thought Markets are dedicated to creating a more equitable local food system, in response to the demand for local growers and producers. We encourage everyone to participate in one of our markets, and welcome all producers, from farms to backyard growers. We are proud to say that all participants of the Food for Thought Markets are local vendors, who only sell handmade, homemade, or homegrown items.

The Food for Thought Markets take place year-round, with the Summer Market taking place every week from June through September and the Winter Makers Market, which takes place twice a month from November through May.

Become a Vendor
Become a Weekly Market Program Sponsor

Weekly Market Program Sponsors of the Food for Thought Markets help us to make each event the best that they can be through funding our SNAP, Double Up Food Bucks and POP Club for Kids programs for disenfranchised populations and children that attend our markets.

As a Weekly Market Programs Sponsor, we will display your business banner for the week(s) you sponsor, promote your sponsorship through our Facebook event, and will provide you with a free 10'x10' booth to promote your businesses and the products or services you offer!

Click the link below to learn more today!


Food for Thought Summer Market
Volunteer at the Markets

We are always looking for volunteers to help at the Food for Thought Markets. Whether you are helping set up tents and organizing vendors, managing the POP Club booth or handing out newsletters, there is always a task we can use help with.


Click the link below, to see all that we offer, or to sign up today.


Donate Excess Produce
Donate Produce
Donate Excess Produce or Jars

Do you have more produce than you know what to do with? Donate it to the Wyoming Food for Thought Project! We can find many uses for your excess produce, from dehydrating and repackaging it into snacks for our weekend food bag program, to sharing the love with other food pantries throughout the community, or using the produce to educate children who utilize our Summer Feeding Site. We also accept jar donations that can be used to can our garden products.

Bring a Donation
Donate at Summer Market
  • Dried Fruit

  • Tuna

  • Ravioli

  • Peanut Butter

  • Jerky

  • Mac N Cheese

Bring a Donation

While on your way out the door to another Food for Thought Market, why not grab a canned good donation to support our weekend food bag program? Donations are accepted at the Food for Thought Info Booth.


Become a Vendor
Become a Vendor
Become a Vendor

Do you make any handmade or homemade products? Maybe you have a large garden and want to sell your bounty? Well, look no further! We are always looking to add new and local vendors at the Food for Thought Markets. Musicians and food trucks count too!

Click the link below to learn more about becoming a vendor.


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