Local Food System

Local has always been the solution here at Food for Thought - from becoming a local solution to hunger throughout our community, to partnering with local businesses and organizations and empowering our local community. The local food system is no different. Below we have outlined our efforts.

Today we are proud to present the Food for Thought Commercial Kitchens and Food Hall.

The building at 420 West First Street has been years in the making. Today, it is a food business incubator; giving solid foundations to local food businesses.

You can experience the love of local food in the Food Hall which houses and gives storefront to True Bakery and ACS Juices - with even more vendors to come.

Our local food system efforts are fueled by our passion for eradicating hunger because of inequitable food systems. While our Urban Farming efforts get us one step closer to long-term, sustainable solutions to hunger, we know that it takes more than just growing food, and that ideals like affordability, convenience and accessibility are needed to make our dreams of a strong local food system in Natrona County a reality.

Shared-Use Kitchens

We manage and operate a shared-commercial kitchen - available for rent by the hour.

Our partnerships with local food producers, and re-sellers, mean we can help you grow your food business in a hyper-local way that supports the entire community's economy. 


We believe: The Future is Local

Users of the commercial kitchen have access to shared storage space that includes dry storage, cool storage, and freezer storage. Shelving and sections are secured for safety and privacy.

To learn more about our Shared-Use Kitchen, or to become a user, click  the button below.


Impact of Local Food Systems:

  • Boosts local economy

  • Improves access to affordable and healthy food for all

  • Fosters a sense of autonomy

  • Positively impacts the environment

  • Promotes a healthy community
    and so much more...


Future North Casper Grocery Store

Growing food at our Urban Farm, as well as utilizing the commercial kitchen to turn that food into hearty, value-added items, have both been stepping stones towards our ultimate goal of opening a grocery store in north Casper.

In 2017, we saw the last of the convenient stores close on the north side of the interstate, leaving that entire community without groceries or basic essentials of any kind. Considered a food desert, in which the closest grocery store is over 2 miles away, we knew we had to re-write that story for the neighborhood we operate from and support.

The items we will carry in our grocery store will include locally grown and made products, basic essentials such as hygiene and baby products, grab-n-go items and more. We will also accept SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks.

Fresh Bread

Education Classrooms

In addition to these great feats, we will also utilize education and demonstration classrooms to bring together experts on all-things local food and those interested in those trades.


Sharing knowledge is power - power to those who keep the trades alive, and power to our community to build each other up, provide healthy, nourishing foods throughout, and to boost our local economy.

If you want to share your abundance of knowledge on anything related to food, from wildcrafting to preservation, fermenting and more, reach out to us today.