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Market Programs

The Food for Thought Markets offer a variety of Market Programs to allow anyone and everyone to have access to good and healthy food, and to be able to get those items from our markets. In doing so, not only are people eating better, but they are also supporting our local economy from purchasing their goods from our local vendors and business owners. It's literally a win-win for everyone.

Scroll through our Programs below to see all that we offer, and if you feel compelled, please consider making a donation to support these programs and our Food for thought Markets.

SNAP at farmers markets
SNAP Token System

The Food for Thought Markets offer a SNAP Token System to SNAP users, to encourage the purchase of local, healthy items. This is a win-win for everyone, in that, healthier alternatives become available to those in need, while strengthening our local economy, and increasing the customer base of our local vendors and business owners.

SNAP users simply visit the Food for Thought Info Booth, run their card in exchange for tokens, and use them on approved purchases with the market vendors.


Double Up Food Bucks
Double Up Food Bucks

The Double Up Food Bucks Program is a complimentary program to the SNAP Token System, in that, SNAP users can gain double the buying power for locally grown produce. For example, if a SNAP user wanted to purchase $10 of produce from a vendor at the market, they will receive an additional $10 to purchase more produce.

This greatly benefits both the SNAP user and the market vendor, because the SNAP user can now take home double the produce, and vendors get to meet and sell more of their produce to customers that they may not have gotten otherwise.


POP Club
Power of Produce POP Club for Kids
POP Club for Kids!


The Power of Produce (POP) Club is a fun, activity and education-based program, where children learn the benefits of eating healthy, exercising, and supporting our local growers and producers. This is a free program, and open to all ages. Kids can even participate in the Two Bite Club, where they try two bites of a new fruit or vegetable each week! And just for participating, they receive $2 in POP Bucks to spend with a local producer at the market!

If you know of a fun activity that would be fun to do through our POP Club, contact us today!

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