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The answers to these questions are endless. In this book, we will try to answer most of them. However, the main questions are:

Is real estate a valuable asset?

Under what circumstances does it become such?

What influences real estate pricing?

- Why do 80% of the population suffer terrible losses by investing in buying their own home?

Of course, it is hard to believe that someone is able to learn from the mistakes of others, but still we hope that by reading this book you will learn the lessons of our clients, and we will save you from mistakes

In this book - 16 years of practice in the real estate market and the answer to the main question: Why is real estate a dubious asset? Yes, we will prove that you are mistaken when classifying real estate as a valuable asset.

Chapter 2.

The concept of real estate and its characteristics

The etymology of the word "real estate" implies the main property - it cannot be taken with you. Real estate, if considered as a commodity, has certain characteristics. Some of them are consumer. In turn, consumer characteristics can be divided into several groups: basic, socio-demographic, marketing and legal.



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