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Sponsor a Child

Wyoming Food for Thought Project currently provides weekend food bags to 330 children in 30 different schools throughout Natrona County. This number continues to rise with each passing week.

In these bags, you will find two breakfast, two lunch, two dinner and various snack items all averaging out to about $5 per child per bag.

This means that we spend, on average, $1,650 a week ensuring children have something to eat on an average two-day weekend away from school. But this does more than just feed the kids, it decreases the stress of knowing where their next meal will come from, allowing them to focus their attention on learning and growing.

We need your help.

- Host a fundraiser or food drive at your child's school or your place of employment.

- Sponsor a Child: $300 will feed one child for an entire year (this includes our summer program)

- Have a bake sale and donate the proceeds

- Challenge your friends and neighbors to see who can source the most food

- Become a dropsite where people can drop off food

- Host a "Wear Jeans Friday" at your work where people pay to wear jeans

Anything helps. Your contribution, in any way, is not only greatly appreciated by us, but by the children you help. Join us today, and help us alleviate childhood hunger throughout our community.

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