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2nd Annual Casper Canstruction® Event


The 2nd Annual Casper Canstruction® event is now LIVE!

Starting October 16th, teams will setup and build their ellaborate can-structures in the Eastridge Mall for public viewing. They will then be on display, as part of a hunger awareness campaign, in the mall for one week. Winners will be chosen according to structures and be given official Canstruction® Awards, with the proceeds going towards our Food for Thought Food Bag Program to feed hunger kids.


Student teams will be asked to pay a $25 entry fee. Professional teams are asked to pay a $300 entry fee. Teams are encouraged to register now! The earlier you register, the sooner you can start collecting and sourcing food. The more food you collect, the bigger your can-structures will be, which means more food to donate to our program!

There are also options for teams to acquire business or personal sponsors.

Visit our website for more information, or to register now.



**All fees and proceeds will be donated to our Food for Thought Food Bag Program, which supplies food insecure children throughout Natrona County with weekend food bags to cover weekends and extended holiday breaks away from school, year-round. 100% of proceeds stay, and are used, locally.

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