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Christmas Box Stuffing Complete!

Thank you to all of our community volunteers and participants who joined us yesterday for our Christmas Box Stuffing. Together, we not only did a regular 2-day weekend pack for the upcoming weekend, but we also packed 550 bags to cover the 16-day break away from school.

You read that right, we packed for 550 children to cover a total of 18 days. And with an average of a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack each day, that's nearly 40,000 meals!

We had an overwhelming amount of help, with volunteer numbers estimated at reaching around 100 people for both stuffings. WOW! We still have a few things to get done before the boxes are complete and ready for delivery. The boxes need to be put together, and a few extra items need to be added, such as bread, shelf-stable milk, a coloring book, bagels, and peanut butter. If you are interested in helping to complete the boxes, or delivering the boxes to the schools, please give us a call at 337-1703 today. Again, thank you Casper for all of your donations, time, and overall support.

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