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April Item of the Month: Ravioli

Wyoming Food for Thought Project is currently feeding nearly 650 children a week! As this number continues to rise, so does our need for monetary and food donations.

That is why we decided that this year, we are going to suggest and highlight a donation item for each month, to help with acquiring more bulk amounts of essential items we need. We do, however, accept and greatly appreciate any and all donations that come through the door, and can assure you that your donation will be used locally.

April's Item of the Month is ravioli! This item category can also include, Spaghetti-O's, Chef Boyardee and more.

Donations can be dropped at any of our Drop Site locations, including:

- Casper Star-Tribune Office

- Dance Evolutions Studio

- Keyhole Outdoor Living

- Great Harvest Bread Co.

- Eastside WAC

- Reliant FCU

- Mary Ann's Beans

- Casper College Library

- Aspen Ridge Dental

- Petuniaz

- Food for Thought Program Center

To become a drop site, give us a call today!

Here is the list of items for the rest of the year.

April - Ravioli

May - Tuna

June - Peanut Butter

July - Canned Vegetables

August - Chef Boyardee

September - Pork n Beans

October - Cereal

November - Soup

December - Chili

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