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Christmas Break Packing


That's how much money we project to spend to cover the 18-day Christmas Break this Holiday Season. That will provide all 700 children on our program with a breakfast, lunch, and dinner for every single day they are out of school - a total of 54 meals (not including snacks).

If you are trying to do the math, you are quickly figuring out that this is a lot of food - 37,800 meals to be exact.

But as overwhelming as that number sounds, we know that completing the biggest packing to date can be done with your help. Consider one of the following ways to get involved below:

1. Volunteer: Help with set up or the actual stuffing (Tuesday, December 13th)

2. Host a Food Drive: Challenge your friends or another business, and collect an item from the Christmas Menu found below

3. Donate: Give online by clicking here

4. Sponsor a Menu Item: By purchasing 700 of one menu item, you are ensuring an entire meal is covered for 700 children

Here is what we will be packing for the Christmas Break Packing that will take place on Tuesday, December 13th at the Food for Thought Program Center. If you would like to help with one of these items, give us a call at 337-1703 or email us at

Christmas Break Menu

1 - box of cereal

1 - shelf stable milk

6 - granola bars

5 - instant oatmeal

3 - bagels with jelly packs

2 - PB&J sandwiches

9 - ramen noodles

4 - canned soup

9 - easy mac

5 - ravioli

3 - tuna and crackers

1 - chili

5 - fruit cups

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