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Be a part of the Food for Thought Family today, by becoming a member! Each membership level represents a specific aspect or need we have at Wyoming Food for Thought Project. Advocate - $10 Ensures expansion and sustainability of each of our programs, from our weekend food bags, to the Food for Thought Markets, community gardens and more. Advocates will receive a free Food for Thought water bottle.

Supporter - $25 Ensures that we can continue to provide, educate and empower our community, through workshops, garden curriculum, cooking classes and more. Supporters will receive a free seed starter kit. Crusader - $50 Ensures more garden beds are built, planted and enjoyed by our community. Crusaders will receive a free Market tote bag. Sustainer - $100 Ensures four children are fed each weekend for one whole month. Sustainers will receive a free ticket to our annual gala and fundraising event, Localicious.

Additional benefits of becoming a part of the Food for Thought Family: - Invite to all events, including early bird tickets and event discounts - Receive monthly newsletter, including upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and recaps of how your donations are being spent - An email and in-mail receipt of your tax-deductible donation

Click here to become a member now.

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