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Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up Week of August 1st

Weekly Round Up Events:

We’ll keep you updated on community activities we recommend for the week. This week the Casper Journal has compiled a list of family friendly activities to become involved with this August. Many include outdoor enjoyment, youth education programs, and community gatherings. You can also follow Wyoming Food for Thought on Facebook and check out the calendar on our website for more event information directly related to our organization.

Annual Back to School Bash

Wyoming Food for Thought Project will have a booth set up at this years Back to School Bash. Information about our organization and kids activities will be available. Come check out the resources for you and your kids to have a successful school year. The Back to School Bash will start at 9am and continue until 1pm, on Saturday, August 5, at the Boys and Girls Club on ‘K’ street.

Summer Markets, Art Walks, Rock the Block

Every Thursday at 5pm, until September 6, we put on a summer market offering fresh produce and local items. It’s right across the street from Rock the Block at Yellowstone Garage. Come shop and enjoy live music!

Weekly Round Up News: Wyoming Food For Thought Project receives Donation

Two Fly Foundation presented us with a portion of the funds raised during the Two Fly Foundation Fly Fishing Tournament. The donation will help our growing organization to fight hunger through food bags, community gardens, and educational courses. Click here for the full article.

House Committee Votes to Kill Equal Pay Initiative

On July 24, the House Appropriations Committee approved a budget amendment that would defund an Obama-era initiative to reduce wage disparities. Under the Obama administration, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission would have required firms employing 100 or more people to submit employee pay data by gender, race, and job category starting in March 2018. The purpose of collecting this data is to support its "law enforcement efforts" to end wage discrimination. The new budget amendment would prohibit the EEOC from using funds to collect employer's pay data. Collecting this kind of demographic data is important because women can't determine if they're being underpaid without knowing what their male counterparts actually make. All's not lost as there is still time to fix this in a whole House vote. Click here for the full story.

Monsanto Influence Over Roundup Regulation, Science, Revealed In New Documents

Monsanto has maintained for years that Roundup is safe, but documents obtained during the discovery process reveal that the company may have secretly written portions of major studies that support the safety of glyphosate, then paid scientists to publish the findings without disclosing the company’s involvement. More than 75 documents obtained during the discovery process have been released, with many showing ties between Monsanto and scientists, and even scientific journal editors, who appear to admit having influenced data and studies alleging that the active ingredient, glyphosate, was safe and did not cause cancer. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified glyphosate as a probable human carcinogen in mid-2015. Click here for the full story.

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