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Food on the Go: How a mobile market can help fight hunger in Natrona County

Wyoming Food For Thought Project recently purchased a decommissioned school bus with the intent of converting it into a farmers market on wheels. With some mechanical upgrades, and a fresh, vibrant mural coating the surface, this old school bus now has the potential to feed families that have the misfortune of living in a food desert. A food desert is an area that has limited access to affordable and nutritious food, north Casper is an example.

Repurposing the bus has the potential to bring a new vitality to a community that lacks access to consistent, nutritious meals. This rollout is just one of the latest mobile farmers markets to launch across the country. Others have launched similarly creative solutions in places as such as New Orleans, Washington DC, and Arkansas.

For many families in Natrona County, fast food is more accessible than grocery stores resulting in the forced choice of unhealthy food rather than nutritious options provided by grocery stores. We want to change that by setting up a weekly farmers market in designated areas around town. The interior of the bus will be shelved and stocked with fresh produce, dry goods, and various household items. We will be accepting SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks with the Mobile Market, as well as cash, and credit cards.

If you love the Mobile Market concept as much as we do, consider volunteering or supporting our Fundraiser to raise $10,000, which will help service the engine, license the bus, and help pay to operate the Mobile Market during the first year. Donate to our Crowdrise Campaign today!

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