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Weekly Round-Up 9/29/17

What's Happening at Food for Thought:

Pop-Up Markets

Weather permitting, we will be having pop-up markets at the Yellowstone Garage in conjunction with their Thursday night Rock the Block events. The market will be held from 5-7:30 pm. Live music and local vendors until the snow flies!

On Saturday, October 7th, learn how to maintain the beauty and growth of your garden through pruning, weeding, composting, and natural pest control techniques. Your tender sprouts will love you back! A suggested donation of $15 will provide you with a variety of take-home items.

Are you looking for ways to get involved with our project?

Join us on Wednesday, October 4th at our Program Center for food bag packing! Packing starts at 4pm, although volunteers are welcome to come in early to help with set up. Everyone is welcome. We need drivers to help us deliver the food bags to schools on Thursday and Friday morning too!

We are also hosting an ongoing Public Art Project to paint a mural at Roosevelt High School. This is an ongoing project and we will be painting whenever the sun is out!

Don't have the time to volunteer? Donate!

Items needed at our program center:

Canning jars

Granola Bars Fruit Cups Soup Chef Boyardee Instant Oatmeal Boxes of Cereal

You can swing by 900 Saint John (our program center), leave it at one of our drop sites in town, or call 307-337-1703 to have someone pick it up!

Just $5 feeds one child for an entire weekend! You can donate funds HERE.

In the News:

"Once dominating a small residential neighborhood of the same name, St. Clair Village was a 1950s-era public housing project that, at its peak, housed over 900 families spread across a sprawling complex of row houses and low-lying brick apartment buildings. Largely isolated from surrounding neighborhoods and wracked by violent crime, the Pittsburgh Housing Authority-managed community eventually fell into serious decline as its population dwindled in the late 20th century. In 2005, a huge swath of the deteriorating compound was demolished. Five years later, any remaining residents were evicted and St. Clair Village was razed entirely. Since then, the hillside site has sat empty — an eyesore, a plus-sized patch of blight, a sizable piece of Steel City real estate patiently waiting to be molded into something new...a full-fledged agri-hood complete with 23 acres of farmland, a fruit orchard, greenhouses, stormwater mitigation ponds, a community garden, an on-site composting facility, a youth education center, a farmers market area and an event space housed in a 5,000-square-foot barn."

"Food waste in America and around the world is a real problem, with far-reaching effects. Along the supply chain, we throw away a shocking amount of perfectly edible food — one-third of our total food supply, actually. That tossed food is then sent to landfills where it rots and creates a huge amount of Co2 and methane greenhouse gases. This is bad. Not to mention we’re literally throwing money away. One company took a step back and looked at why this is happening and where the gaps were that could be filled to both help the environment and save us all money."

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