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Thanksgiving Holiday Bundle Pre-order

If you're already starting to stress about Thanksgiving, then boy do we have a surprise for you!

Wyoming Food for Thought Project has partnered with a wide variety of local, Casper vendors and bakers to create a Thanksgiving Holiday Bundle! For just $70, this bundle is complete with local produce and foods made with love from the market vendors you love most! We offer a Basic Bundle and various add-on's you can choose from to cater to your families wants and needs! It would comfortably feed 4-6 people. The great thing about this bundle is that we know each and every farmer and producer that contributed to this bundle, and you can get to know them too! This is as local as you can get, folks, and you can't beat how fresh everything will be.

The Pre-order for this Thanksgiving Holiday Bundle will be open until Wednesday, November 14th. Pick-up of your bundle will take place at the Wyoming Food for Thought Project (900 Saint John St.) between 11am-2pm on Monday, November 19th.

Here is a list of the vendors who are participating in this Thanksgiving Holiday Bundle, and the components they have contributed:

- Pasture Raised Chickens - Devon Olsen - No GMO risk (no corn or soy in diet)

- Vegan Seitan Roulade - Kiki Rochelle Blake with Vegan in Wyoming - Vegan seitan roulade with sage, thyme, rosemary, wild rice, cranberry stuffing, and mushroom gravy

- Bird Seasoning - JD Dotzler of Sevenfold Spice, LLC - Carefully formulated with No MSG, gluten, silicon dioxide or preservatives

- Stuffing - Wyoming Food for Thought Project - Delicious, handmade bread from Great Harvest cut and dried into stuffing

- Dinner Rolls - Nick Noblitt of Flour Bin - Delicious and freshly baked dinner rolls for everyone to enjoy

- Goat Products - John Brower with Got Milk Dairy - Fresh goat milk products including milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt

- Salad Mix and Dressing - Steve and Cheryl Maxfield with Wy. Green Tower Farm - Locally grown and farm fresh, hydroponic salad mix with homemade dressing

- Fresh Herbs - Wyoming Food for Thought Project - Freshly grown herbs such as parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme

- Jams/Jellies - Patti Dahlgren of Jammin' with Patti - Delicious, homemade jams and jellies with minimal ingredients, but full flavor!

- Pumpkin Pie/Pumpkin Rolls - Arlene Maxwell - Handmade pumpkin pie and pumpkin rolls made with love

- Winter Squash - Leeward Tree Farm LLC and Wyoming Food for Thought Project - Locally grown acorn, buttercup and butternut squash

- Maple Syrup - Dan Kolb with Buckhorn Sugarbush - Harvested from trees on his property in Minnesota, bottled in Wyoming

- Raw Honey - Woody Taylor with T Bee S Pollination - Hat Six Honey - Local, raw honey

- Farm Fresh Eggs - Terry Kipp - Beautiful, brown, farm fresh eggs

The Basic Bundle will include:

- Frozen Chicken (1-3 lbs) or Vegan Seitan Roulade (Choose your serving below)

- Bird Seasoning (1 oz)

- Stuffing (4 oz)

- Dinner Rolls (1 dozen)

- Holiday Cheese (4 oz)

- Salad Mix and Dressing (feeds 4-6)

- Fresh Herbs (1-2 oz total)

- Cranberry/Orange Jam (8 oz)

- Pre-made Pumpkin Pie (9" pie)

- Winter Squash (1 squash)

Add-on Options include:

- Raw Honey (6 oz)

- Maple Syrup (8 oz)

- Goat Milk (Quart, 1/2 Gallon or Whole)

- Goat Butter (8 oz)

- Farm Fresh Eggs (1 Dozen)

- Pumpkin Roll

- Additional Pumpkin Pie (9" pie)

- Pumpkin Butter (8 oz)

- Candied Apple Jam (8 oz)

- Vegan Seitan Roulade (Individual)

We appreciate you supporting local by purchasing this Thanksgiving Holiday Bundle. In doing so, your money goes straight to the producers and strengthens our local economy and local food system.

To Pre-order your Thanksgiving Holiday Bundle, click the link below now!

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