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Become a Monthly Donor

School starts September 2nd, which to many kids means a chance to see friends and learn. But for others, the safety net of school guarantees a breakfast and lunch every day during the school week.

We are here to fill the weekend gap.

This school year, we anticipate feeding over 1,000 children in need each and every weekend.

  • That's at least 7,000 meals per weekend, or nearly 30,000 per month

  • That's almost 20,000 meals JUST for Thanksgiving break and over 60,000 for Christmas break

Casper kids need us right now, more than ever before.

Will you consider becoming a monthly donor?

  • Just $5 feeds one child per weekend

  • $25 feeds one child for an entire month

  • $300 feeds a child for a whole year

Your donation feeds kids like Thomas, who now has enough food to invite a friend over for a sleepover, or Sarah, who can get a full nights rest without the tummy grumbles.

This year has been hard on so many, so let's join together to take the worry of where a child's next meal will come from - donate today.

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