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Workshops and Classes

Wyoming Food for Thought Project now offers garden workshop and cooking classes!

This summer, we will be offering a variety of workshops and classes dedicated to cooking and eating healthy, locally grown food. These workshops and classes will include Seed to Plate workshops, Dinner for Two Cooking Classes, Garden Cooking Workshops, a Foraging class, and more. Scroll through the options below to see what interests you most, and reserve your spot today! Space is limited on all classes, and are on a first come basis.

Kombucha Workshop

Do you love drinking kombucha, but frown at the $4 a pint price tag? Maybe you're looking to beat the summer heat with some unique and delicious refreshments, but don't know where to start?

In this workshop, we'll discuss:
- How kombucha is made and the health benefits that come with drinking this delicious, probiotic drink
- You'll get hands-on experience starting your first batch
- You will flavor and bottle kombucha that will carbonate and you can try within days

In addition to the hands-on experience in this workshop, you will also receive a kit to take home with everything you need to start making kombucha for yourself (large glass container with live SCOBY culture, a capped bottle with your first, flavored brew, and step-by-step instructions)!

Tickets are $35. To reserve your seat for this workshop, click the link below now!

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