About Us

Wyoming Food for Thought Project began in October 2012 in response to a needed solution to the holes in the hunger safety net.  

Our mission is to create a local solution to hunger, whereby everyone - especially children - has direct and equitable access to good and healthy food,

all year round.


Our Initiatives

Wyoming Food for Thought Project operates through involvement of food, and offers three core initiatives: Provide, Educate, and Empower. Click the links below for more information.


Our Values

The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as an organization. We wholeheartedly strive to live and set these examples through all of our endeavors. As a grassroots organization, we pride ourselves with the opportunities we are given within our community, and value our donors and volunteers who make what we have accomplished so far possible.


We seek the greatest good for our communities. Our Mission and actions reflect our endeavor to cultivate community.


We are of strong moral character and incorruptible. Our actions are true to our words -- our words true to our beliefs.



We are rooted in truth, direct in our dealings, and open with our intentions.



We treat all others with dignity -- as we would like to be treated. We honor our differences and our similarities.



We are sincere and steadfast in our purposes.


We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our relationships and the information entrusted to us.



We act in good faith, responsibly, with care, competence and diligence.



Our actions are prioritized so that we may remain true to our beliefs and responsible to our community and business.



We abide by the laws and standards of our governments and our communities.



We approach our interactions and decisions with empathy and consideration.


Our Program Center

Wyoming Food for Thought Project is headquartered in north Casper, in the old Winter Memorial Presbytery Church. When we first moved into this location, it was nothing more than a disbanded church with a small community garden area, but since then, it has been transformed into the Food for Thought Program Center and Urban Farm, and offers an array of programs and resources dedicated to community food security.

Some of the programs we offer include our year-round weekend food bag program, community dinners, garden plot rentals and Food is Free gardens, cooking classes, and more. We also just built a high tunnel in the hopes of being able to produce year-round!


Our Team

Wyoming Food for Thought Project currently only has three full-time staff, but are backed by an army of volunteers, just like YOU! To become a volunteer, click here now.

Jamie Purcell
Executive Director

Jamie is the co-founder and director of Wyoming Food for Thought Project. Her passion for life and expectation that everyone has an equal chance for a successful life fuels her fire within. She is a mother to two incredible humans who constantly remind her of the importance of "doing something" and has a husband whose support remains constant and whose drive to live life to the fullest is a contiunal reminder of what a gift life is.

Danny Baker
Horticulture Director

Danny is the Horticulture Specialist for Wyoming Food for Thought Project. He is a Casper native, born and raised on adventure and anything to do with nature. He is a self-taught green thumb, who's dedication to learning and attention to detail have helped him thrive and cultivate beautiful community gardens at Food for Thought year after year. When he's not at work, he's catering to his own garden, beekeeping, hunting or hiking into the unknown.

Maggie King

Kitchen Manager

Sara Crawford

Garden Intern

Jill Davis 

Solutions Coordinator

Board of Directors

Leah Varela

Stephanie Sprecher

Candice Benton

Rachael Chadderdon

Justin Kinner

Shannon Rigali


Annual Report

The Wyoming Food for Thought Project is an independent, local non-profit organization, focused on the concept of "Food Justice". Through our programs, we seek to forge partnerships and infuse the community with opportunities to access affordable and healthy food for everyone, regardless of socio-economic status.

The Wyoming Food for Thought Project was started in November 2012 as a solution to the holes in the hunger safety net.  Led by Jamie Purcell, Executive Director, WFFTP seeks to work toward ending hunger as part of an overall community effort to alleviate poverty. We are looking for solutions to hunger on the local level, and by working with existing programs and organizations, the holes in the hunger safety net are shrinking.


With all the work that's been done in the realm of hunger and food access, there is still much to accomplish, but it starts today with you and the Wyoming Food for Thought Project.