Programs & Resources

Wyoming Food for Thought Project is working to create a community where everyone has access to local, healthy food, and with the variety of different garden types we provide throughout Casper, this vision will someday become a reality. From our Food is Free gardens, to rentable plots, demonstration gardens, the high tunnel for year-round production, and more, our goal is to revive a sense of self-sustainability throughout the community, by educating on the benefits of buying and producing seasonally local and organic produce.

For more information on the different resources, programs ans services we provide through our Urban Farm, scroll down and click the links below.

Canned Goods

Wyoming Food for Thought Project hosts a variety workshops at our Urban Farm and Program Center. From Garden Workshops to Vendor Workshops, you can learn how to grow and process your own food!

Workshops are scheduled throughout the year, so check back frequently for updates and stay tuned!

Kids Gardening
Garden Curriculum

The Wyoming Food for Thought Project Garden Education Program encourages students to learn life skills in the areas of nutrition, cooking, leadership, agriculture, community empowerment and entrepreneurial endeavors. Our curriculum is tailored to the needs of the specific child, group or organization we are working with. We teach our students the importance of where food comes from, our relationship to the soil, nutrition, cooking, service learning, leadership, cooperation volunteerism, food security, and the community-youth connection.

To learn more about our education program for Pre-K - High School click on the link below.



Wyoming Food for Thought Project is working towards growing our compost , to help us further sustain our Urban Farm. Good, hearty soil is the key to growing healthy plants. By growing our own soil, not only will we cut down on the costs of purchasing soil, but our plants will produce better, and we may hopefully one day create an income from selling the soil we make.

Check back soon for more information.


Wyoming Food for Thought Project currently has two worm bins that are growing red wiggler worms and compost from food scraps. We hope to replicate this concept on a larger scale as another part of growing compost for our Urban Farm.

If you're considering getting some red wigglers of your own, or want to check ours out, then come on down to our Program Center and Urban Farm! We also have vermicomposting worms available for purchase, just click the link below!

Rain Barrels
Rain Barrels

Wyoming Food for Thought Project has rain barrels set up throughout our Urban Farm to collect rain water to help with watering our crops. Some can be found under the down spouts of our Program Center, as well as around the garden garage. If you are considering getting a rain barrel of your own, come down to our Urban Farm and check ours out! 

We also have rain barrels available for purchase through the link below, and may also host a workshop for making your own rain barrel, so stay tuned.

Inside High Tunnel
Herbs & Microgreens

Wyoming Food for Thought Project is excited to start producing herbs and microgreens year-round. We will soon offer these items at our Food for Thought Markets, and hope to be able to provide local businesses with these essentials as well. We are excited to incorporate a sustainable program into our Urban Farm, which will support the educational opportunities that we provide.

To see what we've currently got available for purchase, click the link below!

Seed Library
Seed Library

Wyoming Food for Thought Project now offers a Seed Library at our office. The concept is exactly that from renting a book out at the library, in that, you rent it out and return the book when you're finished. 

Seed saving is very important because you:

  • Know where your food is coming from

  • Develop seeds that become acclimated to our local climate and more pest resistant

  • Become less dependent on large food producers and save yourself money

Seed Library
Foster Plant Program
Foster Plant Program

This year, Wyoming Food for Thought Project is implementing a foster plant program to support our Urban Farm. Volunteers or groups will simply start seeds in their own homes, and once freeze danger has passed, will donate them back to us to be used in our learning gardens and workshops.

Anyone can participate, and, if need be, we can provide you with everything you will need to get started. Contact us today to get started.