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Volunteering: A Powerful Act of Self-Love

Volunteering your time, energy, and expertise to a noble cause seems quite selfless, but it is ultimately one of the most powerful acts of self-love you can choose to do. It has been shown to reduce stress, fight depression, and help you live longer. Here are some ways volunteering can positively affect your life:

It connects you to others.

Human connection can have a profound affect on all areas of life. We are all guilty of spending too many hours staring at the screens of smart-phones and computers. Creating authentic connections is more important and necessary than ever. Feeling connected to others can affect job performance, romantic relationships, family bonds, mental well-being, and even physical health.

Having a solid support system can keep you from falling flat on your face in tough times. Volunteer work presents a wonderful opportunity to interact with others face to face and build valuable relationships.

It’s good for your mind and body.

As stated before, volunteering can boost your mental well-being by fostering a sense of connectedness. This can be a major boost for mental health. It can also be the perfect way to get needed mental stimulation. Mental stimulation acts like exercise for your brain and can improve memory, focus, and reasoning skills. It has been proven to delay and even prevent the onset of Alzheimer's.

We’re all aware that physical activity is important to maintaining a healthy weight, having energy, staving off illness, and achieving longevity. Volunteer opportunities can include physical work such as building green houses, painting, shelving food, etc. If you choose one of these types of opportunities, you’ll get plenty of physical activity while doing good in your community.

You will gain work experience and can advance your career.

Every hour that you volunteer to the greater good of your community looks attractive on a resume. Who doesn’t want to hire a generous, hard-working, and compassionate employee? Volunteer opportunities can also give you the work experience to get your first job or even break into something you’ve always wanted to do. You can gain clerical, management, construction, writing, and teaching skills. And if you’ve ever thought about making a career out of nonprofit work, volunteering is a no-brainer.

It’s fun and fulfilling.

Yes. Work can be fun! Volunteer work includes socializing, creating, building, and learning. And while you’re having a blast, you’re also learning skills hands-on that can help you find more fulfillment in your life. For example, by volunteering for Wyoming Food for Thought Project, you could learn how to build garden beds, grow food, and preserve your fall harvest to last the winter. You can save money while knowing exactly where your food comes from.

Speaking of fulfillment, what can be more gratifying than being the change you wish to see in the world?

On top of providing a way to connect to others, helping to maintain your health, looking awesome on a resume, being fun, and giving you fulfillment, volunteer work is also incredibly flexible. Long-term commitments aren’t necessary and you don’t have to sacrifice enormous amounts of time to reap the benefits of volunteering. You can choose what kind of work you will do and how much of your time you can dedicate to your chosen cause. You’re in control!

So what are you waiting for?

For more information for volunteer opportunities at Wyoming Food for Thought Project, visit this page or call 307-337-1703.

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